5-4-21 Solihull Moors 0 Sutton United 0 National League

League leaders Sutton continued their progress towards entry into the Football League with this hard-fought draw at Solihull.

The goalless draw provided something for both sides with Mark Yates' Moors having not conceded for four and Matt Gray's Sutton being unbeaten in 14 games.

Not helped by a very chill wind this was a match of limited goalmouth incident.

Though this match began with an unlikely long-range effort from Solihull straight from the kick-off for the most part it was a tight contest of few chances.

The Moors had to contend with some missing players and often relied on the towering Kyle Hudlin to win all the aerial activity, at both ends of the pitch.

And it was his long legs that got in the way of a Bouzanis clearance that nearly gave the home side a surprise lead.

Otherwise, the home threats mostly came from set plays including two wasted free-kicks from near the edge of the area.

But most of the pressing was done by the league leaders.

They had the lively Olaofe and Ajiboye upfront with the combative Omar Bugiel just behind.

Rob Milsom would supply some decent left-foot deliveries while top-scorer Beautyman stayed wide.

They can all get the job done and Olaofe, Ajiboye, and Beautyman (when in space) all had brief chances.

Unheralded coach Matt Gray has certainly produced an effective but not spectacular team destined for their first-ever promotion to the Football League. 

Although they have games in hand, they will have to hold off a gamut of ex-Football League clubs (eg Hartlepool, Stockport, Torquay, Notts County, etc) to make it to the 'promised land.

Assuming they do, the feeling is that they will need some extra quality to survive and thrive at that higher level.

But if you're a Sutton fan, probably not expecting to see your team at the top of the National League, this very unusual season is currently some sort of heaven.


report - John Bethell

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