2-4-2021 Barnet 0 Solihull Moors 2 National League

What to make of Barnet?

As they go down to yet another 2-0 home defeat.

With fourteen games to play this felt like an end-of-season encounter at the Hive. 

But for Solihull, it was their third successive victory.


Despite another change of coach, Barnet kept up their abysmal home form succumbing to yet another 2-0 home loss.

Their inability to create, let alone score goals are almost becoming surreal.

Gary Anderson had the dubious honour of taking charge of the home side arguing that they had been very productive in training.

But when it comes to performances on the pitch it's another story entirely.

Yes, they did put in the effort and managed to keep the visitors goalless until minute 44.

They might even have scored (!) if the isolated and usually starved of service JJ Hooper had not scuffed his shot.

But after a period of Moors pressure, often involving the busy Sbarra and the towering Kyle Hudlin, Barnet went one down.

Substitute Ward broke down the right and carved out a superb cross for defender Williams to head in at the far post.

For the Bees, it was a familiar outcome, 1-0 behind at the break.

The second half continued with Mark Yates's  Solihull tending to slow things down and consolidate.

While Barnet did eventually produce some pressure including some Wordsworth set plays and a Mason-Clark effort.

It all came to naught.

And any comeback was snuffed out with about twelve to go when Hudlin benefited from hesitation all round to slot into an empty net.

Barnet protested that there had been an offside and both sides did pause expecting a whistle, which never came.

Until the replacement referee signalled for a goal.

It was typical of the home side's luck.

And to cap it all solid defender Kefalas was dismissed near the close for two fouls, borne out of somewhat understandable frustration.

The match finished with lots of head-scratching on the Banet bench to signal it was deja vu all over again for the Bees.


report - John Bethell


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